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Bathroom equipment

Equipment for all types of bathrooms, domestic bathrooms, bathrooms for collective use, bathrooms in hotels, bathrooms in restaurants, bathrooms in nursing homes.

Welcome to your online store specialized in the sale and distribution of bathroom and sanitary accessories through the internet.

We have everything for any type of bathroom, from the bathroom of domestic environments for private use, to toilets for collective use, such as in workplaces, catering establishments, in the hotel industry or any activity related to accommodation. guests. To cover the needs of all these sectors, professionals or not, we have an extensive catalog of all types of bathroom accessories such as roll holders, hangers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, in short, all types of hotel equipment or domestic.

In the same way we are experts in the supply and sale on line of bathroom elements for the disabled, the elderly or those who suffer from mobility problems such as grab bars and support bars, ergonomic toilets, geriatric bathtubs; This type of articles facilitate the personal hygiene of these people, since it facilitates accessibility for the disabled and movement inside the toilet room giving these people a greater sense of security and, therefore, greater freedom, without forgetting the invaluable help they represent. for the assistance personnel.

We also have hospitality equipment and for professional kitchens elements that are indispensable in these environments where the quality of the utensils must be exceptional, such as professional kitchen knives, cutting chops and a long distance, since our store is updated with new products and offers day to day.