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www.suministrossanitarios.com is the authentic European specialist in the distribution of all types of products for bathroom equipment.

Domestic Bathroom

The bathroom has been gaining relevance with the passage of time, now we can discover a wide variety of designs for all tastes.

Inside the bathroom we can find the following elements: Toilets (conventional toilet and suspended toilet), washbasins (wall washbasins, built-in washbasins, countertop washbasins), bathroom furniture, shower trays, bathtubs (hot tubs, spa, jacuzzi ), bidet, urinals, mirrors that help with their lighting and make a small space seem larger.

We will also discover a wide range of bathroom accessories such as roll holders, toilet brush holders, cup holders, towel racks, shelves, soap dishes and wastebaskets, that is, everything necessary for personal hygiene.

The taps are also an important part of our bathroom. Suministros Sanitarios offers an abundant range of products with great designs and finishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Collective Bathroom

Equipment for bathrooms for collective use

We offer a complete range of solutions for bathrooms for collective use either for the home or for collective use places such as clinics, catering establishments or any activity related to guest accommodation and restoration. Great variety of collections and styles of quality and careful design. In sanitary supplies we have extensive experience in online sale of equipment for cleaning of any kind and we distribute the best national and international brands.

You will be able to find a wide variety of industrial bathroom accessories such as jumbo paper holders, hand dryers, soap dispensers ... Also timed taps or electronic taps, lockers and street furniture.

Hotel Bathroom

Online sale of bathroom accessories and toilets for hotel.

Supplies for the integral provision of bathrooms for hotels and for the catering industry. We have an extensive catalog, to buy online, accessories and bathroom accessories of first quality, complete collections of accessories and toilets for the bathroom, with common design to match the preestaciones between bathrooms, we offer everything your hotel You need to satisfy your customers by meeting the stringent requirements of the industry. They are also perfectly suitable for domestic bathing.

Everything you need to equip both the rooms and common areas, minibars, safes, kettles, bathroom accessories, pictograms ...


Catering equipment.

In suministrossanitarios.com we are specialists in online sales. In this category we offer equipment for professional kitchens, such as cutting pits for butchers and fishmongers, kitchen utensils for catering professionals and a wide range of kitchen knives, both for professional chefs and for kitchen enthusiasts. You can also see a wide range of professional and industrial faucets and stainless steel furniture

Orthopedic and...

Geriatric and hospital equipment

Sanitary supplies has the broadest catalog of equipment to make the toilet an easier and safer place for people with disabilities, elderly or people with reduced mobility. Sanitary ware, handholds, help bars and bathroom accessories that help people with disabilities to carry out their personal hygiene more comfortably, safely and minimizing unnecessary efforts. Elements designed for online sale both to individuals who need to adapt their bathroom, as well as companies in the hotel industry, large areas, healthcare and hospital environments. These elements are made of the best quality materials, resistant and durable.

Sanitary equipment and supplies for clinics and laboratories. We have for you from specialized clinical taps and professional furniture in stainless steel as landfills, to sinks and lavacuñas as well as safety equipment such as eyewash and emergency showers essential for the fulfillment of the plan of prevention of occupational risks in the chemical industry and in The laboratory.

Paper & Soap

Suministros Sanitarios apart from being able to supply all kinds of bathroom accessories also has consumables among its products.

Within this category we can find hand soap for soap dispensers and even the foam soaps that are now so fashionable.

There are also coils / toilet paper for industrial roll holders and paper wick for hand dryers.

179,44 €

Secamanos de acero inoxidable acabado cromo, sensor electronico., marca Komercia

50,56 €

Asidero abatible fabricado en acero inoxidable AISI304 acabado satinado medida 80cm, marca Komercia

283,08 €

178,91 €

19,44 €

Papelera push capacidad 10 litros fabricada en acero inoxidable acabado brillante, marca Komercia

28,24 €

Dispensador papel higienico industrial fabricado en acero inoxidable acabado brillante de la marca Komercia.

24,11 €

Dosifiacdor de jabón fabricado en acero inoxidable AISI304 acabado brillante capacidad 1000ml, marca Komercia

29,84 €

Dispensador de toallitas "z" fabricado en acero inoxidable acabado brillante, marca Komercia

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